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What is with the terrible customer service

Getting assistance has become a real problem. No phone support is whatever, but when the chat message directs you to check back every 10 minutes and it takes multiple 10 minute periods there is a real problem here. I must say that they are very promp...

Connecting to Visible

My boyfriend is with AT&T. He wants to switch to Visible. He recently purchased a Verizon Smartphone. How does he go about connecting with Visible?

lj3 by Novice
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Has anyone else had this occur? "Service cancelled"

I and my wife have been looking for alternative service as we now are retired and on fixed income.Previously had Verizon and were happy with coverage and connectivity, more so than AT&T that we now have. After much research decided to give the low co...

Verizon Network Extender

My spouse and I are current Verizon wireless users. We use a Samsung Verizon Network Extender to allow us to use cell phones in our house. Without the Network Extender, we would have to go outside to get cell coverage. If we change to Visible, would ...

New Subscribers Beware

Future Subscribers BewareIn short, I've been a Visible subscriber for years, but if you need customer service just good luck with that. I got a new iPhone 14 Max Pro and need an eSIM to activate it. I tried going through the process myself, but my ph...

Resolved! Have no service, can’t verify email for new eSIM

I switched my phone number from Straight Talk to Visible two days ago. The eSIM was registered to the Visible number, so I need a new eSIM from Visible. The problem is that every time I chat with them and the “system” sends me a verification email so...