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Changes coming to referral program

I got this in my email. Starting May 25th, we will be rolling out a new referral incentive - “Give $20 off, get $20 off”. Now both you and your friend will get $20 off a month of service when they use your Friend code to sign up for Visible.What does...

New account

How does this work with my Verizon account. And do I have Pay fee to switch over

International Calls from Tanzaniz

Heading to Tanzania in June and wondered if anyone has any experience making WiFi calls with Visible? I am assuming that as long as it's using WiFi that the calls can be made. Someone feel like confirming this for me? Thanks in advance.

Initial setup

I am attmpting to do an initial set up of a Samsung S22. My current phone is a Samsung S9. I have several issues:(main issue) it will not surf the WiFi . The original phone (S9) works without a problem connecting to the wifi and surfing. I made sure ...

What is the benefit of having your own party?

Hello all, new user of Visible. I have looked high and low and cannot find out what, if any, benefit there is to having your own Party? I have a number of family members that may join Visible so I will use the referral code for each, but I am trying ...

Caller ID name

I want to use Visible for my business. Is there a way for me to make my company's name appear in the Caller ID that people see when I call them?

Visible's Service

My wife and I recently drove out to Arizona from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I can't tell you how impressed we were with Visible's Service. We had a couple spots in Oklahoma where the service went in and out a few times, but all in all it was T...