Call Forwarding?


Hi there, I was curious if call fowarding works with Visible? Since Visible doesn't support anything overseas, I was curious if I could forward my Visible number to an overseas number if I got a SIM card from another provider (as suggested in their help article).


Intermediate III


As far as I have been using visible,it works fine when you forward to domestic numbers. If you want to travel abroad and still want to get your calls, I would suggest you to forward to google voice number if you have one. 

My phone isn't working (won't even power on), and I wanted to have my phone number forwarded to another number (like our house phone) until I get a new phone. I contacted Visible chat and they're weren't able to help. Is forwarding only available through the phone?  And is there instructions anywhere how to do this?


Google voice is perfect for call forwarding when overseas. I have done that and it works great.