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travel to asia countries

How can I use my phone while overseas in Asia for a few weeks...??? Sims card? Upgrade to visible + ??? Please help I leave in a few days

Dropped calls

Every call I make or receive drops at the 1 minute mark? It’s been doing this every call for 5 weeks now. How do I fix this?

Jozycat by Novice
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Calls fail when using Siri

Siri works fine with everything else, but when I ask Siri to call someone, Siri says “Ok, calling..,” then the call immediately fails. Anyone else experience this?

Leanna by Novice
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Verizon acquiring Visible

I've been with Visible for a year or two. Lately my phone has been lagging: messages often don't send the first try, my internet connection seems to have been throttled down, etc. Has anyone else noticed something similar? Or maybe my phone just deci...

JoeyHoyt by Novice II
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Unable to merge, conference, add FT calls

Over the last few months I’ve noticed that dropped call rates are extremely high and when I try to call back it says “Call Failed”. In addition, when answering an incoming call, the person on hold gets disconnected. Also, the ability to merge calls, ...

Nxw by Novice III
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Give $20 off, get $20 off Discount

Why would you do this to somebody? You must hate them to try to convince them to join this service. Thats not what friends are for. Cant even receive calls.

Bratch by Novice II
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Dropping calls like crazy this morning

I've been a user of Visible for a year + and this morning I've had more dropped calls than my entire time here. Anyone else experiencing this? No pattern, just during the call, they disappear.