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Did you know we implemented polls as a fun way to interact with you all?  Scroll down on mobile to the polls section or on the right sidebar from your desktop view. We will be posting various fun and technology relevant polls for your enjoyment and to get some insight into our communities likes and dislikes.  


Have an idea for a poll? Drop a comment! 



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Novice II

You have a poll with a question about the change over to the higher prices and getting rid of the party pay but there is no way to answer the poll...should not have changed  is my choice.

If you do change then everyone on the party pay should be locked in at that rate of $25.00..

If you plan to raise the price to $30.00 then you should have a family plan where you could get a discount for each member say $5.00 off. From $30.00 to $25.00...

And you might have a discount for Seniors $5.00 off.

You might also offer a discount of $5.00 off each month if you get a contract for a yearly plan paid for in advance. Like they do with mint mobile...

Novice II

You have a poll running now for weather you like the old party pay or the new $30.00 with no party pay. should not have changed is my choice but when you try and click it nothing works..You might want to fix it..And also move it to someplace where everyone can see it..

About the new change.

I think everyone on the party pay should be locked in at the $25.00 rate all new members should be charged the higher rate of $30.00 or $40.00..

You might have a senior plan to off set the new rate by $5.00.

You could offer a family plan where you get $5.00 off for each member.

You could have a yearly plan like mint mobile where you pay for the year in advance and get a lower rate $300.00...