Google Pixel 7a Megathread

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Hey there!

Are you guys excited about the new Google Pixel 7a phone?

It's got some really cool feature. With a big 6.1-inch display and up to 90Hz refresh rate, you'll have an amazing viewing experience while gaming or streaming. And don't even get me started on the camera! With a 64MP rear camera, 13MP ultra-wide camera, and 13MP front camera, you'll take some awesome pics. Plus, it's got a Google Tensor G2 processor, a battery life of over 24 hours, and TitanM2™️ security. So, who's ready to upgrade their phone on Visible? Let us know in the comments.


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I would be excited if Google had as good of support for those that are blind.  Talk back is way behind compared to Voice Over.

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Certainly not ready to buy another phone after having to buy my second one in 18 months just to be compatible with Visible's new plans. Maybe when they come out with an 8A I might be ready for a new one.


I just purchased a 7a (unlocked) from Google store and am having the same issues the 7 and 7pro users had 10/22 activating.  All the tools show the 7a as unsupported.

Well it seems someone changed something over the weekend and this issue is resolved.  I was able to activate this morning (Monday 5/15) using the QR section of my account page.  All functionality seems there and the device page shows my new pixel 7a

I was planning to do the same with an unlocked 7a bought on Amazon, but I likewise get a message that it's not compatible. May I ask, what do you mean by the "QR section of my account page"? I don't have a Visible account set up yet.

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this mess since my activation went through.  The root of the issue seems to be Verizon not maintaining IMEI tables frequently enough.  IF the IMEI of your device is not in their table, you can't get through the validation steps for eSim activation.  IN the Visible app I followed the steps to activate via eSim and had success.  I can only assume my phone's IMEI was imported Monday morning.  All this said, IF you have a device that is NEW (recently manufactured), you will have to wait until the IMEI is registered with the provider before you can complete eSim activation.  You can still activate with a physical sim IF you can convince a customer service person(non technical people from my experience) to send you a physical sim card.

I got an email from Visible that they were supporting the 7a and went to purchase one from Google directly because it came with a free case and earbuds as well as just the phone. It got here today and when I put the IMEI in, Visible says it's not compatible. 
There seem to be some forum conversations indicating that the same IMEI might successfully activate just by trying later. So I can hold on to this phone and try again next week, or I can return it, pay the restocking fee, give up the earbuds and case, and buy a plain phone from Visible directly to make sure it's compatible.  

Any suggestions from the Visiverse?