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Samsung S215G FE Compatibility?

I'm looking at the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (fan edition) 5G on the samsung website as an unlocked phone in 256GB. The price seems attractive to me as paying it off in 6 months or so is possible and the battery is bigger than that in the s22. I see the ...

Is Visible too good to be true?

VisiSquad, Some people really think Visible is too good to be true. To show and prove Visible is offering a free trial starting on January 6th! However, the real proof is from our members. So post your service testimonial here for all to see and you ...

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motorola edge 5G UW Thread 📱

New to Visible is the motorola Edge 5G UW Let us know what you think of the our latest 5G Device! Device Specs With promo details Get $100 to spend online when you bring your number to Visible and buy the new Motorola edge 5G UW. Capture ultra-high d...

Google Pixel 6 Thread

VisiSquad, Dropping some helpful info on the latest flagship device from Google Here is our Device Page and an article from our Newsroom with the promo it is coming out with. As well as a great YouTube video explaining everything more in detail. What...


Come one come all a deal you can’t beat savings on the hot new phones bring your Verizon oh and at&t!!

Blade X1 5G question?

I just got my Blade X1 5G, and it says 5G in the status bar, but when I look at Signal Check or even Speedtest, it shows I'm actually only connected to LTE. Does the phone just say 5G, and not have 5G? I'm aware it's DSS 5G since it's Sub-6, but it s...

ben03 by Novice
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OnePlus Nord N10 Phone with 5G on Visible

Update #2: I traveled through my first Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband area this morning since getting the phone. While traveling down I-26 through the Columbia SC area, the phone never switched to 5G service on Visible. However, with a LTE+ signal showing...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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