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Bad Tech support

Im on day 11 of no working phone!!! you get what you pay for on this service its terrible if you ever have a problem they are the worst in the industry. stay with a major carrier if you can these people dont know whey they are doing

ryandake by Novice II
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Visible tech support

This is hands down the worst you can get. I have had no working service for 8 days and counting and all i hear from them is they are working on it. It all started when i was just trying to get a data plan on my watch and a customer service rep instea...

ryandake by Novice II
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moto e

If I buy an unlocked moto e directly from Motorola, can I bring that to and activate it on Visible?

New phone model

Put in ime# for a new Pixel 5a. Said it's not compatible. Tried to ask customer service on chat....useless! Does anyone know how long it takes for a NEW phone model to get certified? For instance, how long after the Pixel 5 was released, before it co...

SD1290 by Novice
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Phone number

My son has a phone with English SIM card. Can he bring his English phone number to visible

New Phone

Just pre-ordered a Pixel 5a. Currently a Verizon customer. Planning on going over to Visible ASAP. Being a new phone, how long before it gets certified on Visible? Anyone know how long it took for the Pixel 5?

SD1290 by Novice
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So newbie here, I have few questions.

So far I am enjoying Visible and I would like to get the greater savings that are provided.I started a Party Pay group, yet when I post in the Let's Chat or Saving area my post does not show up like other novice posters or intermediate status posters...

clate by Novice II
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