Hey Visible Community. How is your 5G experience?

Novice III

Hey Visible Community. How is your 5G experience?  Is it everything you dreamed of and more?  Or have you found it underwhelming?  Reply below with your thoughts, including Phone Model, Geographic Location and Speedtest results.


Novice III

Google Pixel 5


Southern MA , Northern RI


6.75 Mbps Download / 1.57 Mbps Upload

Intermediate III

Right now I am getting almost same speed on LTE and 5G in most of the places. I hope to see improvement on 5G speed in coming future.


For some reason, I am getting less speed with 5G

@partypay ... lol... me too!  I get almost double the speed on 4G/LTE than I do on 5G.


Not good.  I received a notice from Visible on January 22, 2021, to download a software update for my Samsung S20+ to enable 5G service. It worked, as indicated by the 5G (versus LTE) on the top line of my phone. Since the Visible update, I've had several more software updates pushed to my phone. After they were installed, I only see LTE service, not 5G. Did the intervening software updates override the Visible 5G access software update? My current download speed is 3.21 Mbps...super slow.  Location is Grand Junction, CO.


Novice III

Google Pixel 5


Southern NH, Northern MA


50.9 Mbps Download / 26.6 Mbps Upload

Novice II

Right now I am using an LG Stylo 4, which I believe is only a 4G device and does not support LTE.  In the day time I been getting speeds of about 6-7mbps download, but at night it seems to be a a lot faster, more like 40mbps download.  I am in Southern Michigan.