Multiple Connection


I can connect to a Roku stick and stream movies but I can’t use the Roku remote app on my phone at the same time. Is this because visible only allows me 1 connection at a time? The Roku remote isn’t as user friendly as using the Roku remote app on my phone. 
I’ve tried connecting both using a Verizon hotspot as well without success 



Hi @Dana - The issue is with the fact that the Roku App relies on communicating with the Roku device over the "LAN" network.  Most hotspots isolate the devices that connect to it and doesn't allow the necessary communication between the devices.  It sounds like this may be the issue in your case.  If you used a mobile router instead with your other hotspot service (e.g. Cradlepoint), then I would expect it to work if both your phone and Roku were connected over WiFi to it.

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I just got Cox cable for internet and tried using both without any luck. It worked at our last home with cable