Novice II

New customer, ping is all over the place even checking it every 10 to 30 minutes in the same place... sometimes really good, sometimes really bad.... does an e-sim effect this at all? Would I have more consistency with a physical SIM maybe.. or would this not matter at all? Anything else I can do?


iPhone 13 Pro Max if it matters.



I do not think the type of SIM would impact this.  I think this is more because of the nature of Visible being a MVNO service and depending on the congestion of their servers and routing of your data has more of an impact then the SIM.

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If you read the fine print of the plan.  4g speeds are between 5 to 12 mbps.  5g is capped at 200 mbps.  The short answer is the sim won't matter.  What Visible needs to do is get rid of the speed caps.  Visible has a lot of good things going for it.  An awesome upgrade program, great referral program, Apple watch support, and unlimited hot spot.  None of this matters if the speeds aren't good.  If other carriers like Cricket can remove the speed caps so Can Visible.  I'm hoping they do this.  If they do I will be back.