Pixel 5a 5g compatibility factory direct version

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I chatted  with a rep and they said the archives show it as compatible. I would imagine so since it is identical to the pixel 5, can anyone co firm to me or a rep that the pixel 5a 5g gets full function of lte as well as 5g


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I'd love to help you out and can request that our Care team get back in touch with you ASAP. Is it OK if someone reaches out to you directly using the email address associated with your community account? -GL

I am having the same issue. I have a new Pixel 5A 5G phone and can't get past the compatibility checker.  Please have someone get in touch with me.


@Dmccarty Visible user with a Google Pixel 5a 5G phone (unlocked version) directly from Google Store.  Able to use it for 4G and 5G (where available).  When I first swapped out the SIM card, it would only do 4G but after a couple chats with Visible Support, they were able to enable the 5G functionality.

@RyanBlakeIT When you activated your 5a 5G on Visible, how did you get it past the SIM check? I have someone who wants to port their Pixel 5a 5G (also direct from Google) to Visible because I can't imagine the 5a and the 6/6a are supported but not the 5a 5G, but their support team isn't helpful there. Thanks for sharing your experience, too - it's almost impossible to find any info on this situation anywhere!

@JainaEowyn When I activated my Google Pixel 5a 5G phone, I already had service with Visible, so I just had to move the SIM over from the old phone.


If the IMEI doesn't work on the Visible site, I would use another Android phone that you have to activate it (hopefully that's supported). Then when the phone arrives you can insert the SIM into your new Google Pixel 5a 5G and activate it that way.


Only disclaimer is you may want to be near WiFi when activating so that if updates are needed they can be downloaded without a working cell service.

I have the same question as I just purchased an unlocked Pixel 5a 5G phone from Google but it says it's not compatible. Don't get it as my other phone a Pixel 4a 5G works just fine and past the compatibility checker.  What's the story Visible? 

@Bluey Seems to me that they haven't updated their IMEI checker with the new information regarding the Pixel 5a 5G because it's compatible.  I'm still using it.


Has anyone been able to use this with an eSIM on the Pixel 5a? Can you use a different phone's IMEI to get past the blocker? I just bought my husband a 5a and did not expect to have these issues.