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terrible porting issues.

I have heard hopeless issues porting. but visible really seems to have dropped ball on this one. if porting goes well then no issues but if not then you are realy screwed up. it has been about 48 hrs no resolution and i will be charged for next month...

Legacy Customer plan discount

If I switch from the Party Pay to the Visible Plus for $35 with Legacy Customer Discount and then switch back to the basic Visible plan later, will I get the $25/mo or will it be $30 because I switched back?

Plan Pricing

Visible pricing says the cost is $30/month, but when I sign up, the cost is $40/month. Looks like some sort of bait and switch. That's illegal.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 Reviews?

Are there any reviews out there for the (EXCELLENT CONDITION) iPhone SE 2020 that is currently available online? Thanks in advance!

nicho by Novice
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Visible has stolen my phone number

On Monday March 6th I decided to leave Visible. I had enough of the service interruptions with no notification or acknowledgement from the company and the non-existent customer support. I requested my port out information via the app and received it ...

Can't text again - this is a JOKE!!!!

This is absolutely ridiculous - just a week or so after the last nightmare, here we go again. And of course absolutely no notification from Visible that there are network issues. Maybe spend less time automating silly community "you've earned a new b...

New Subscriber Activation Question

Bought an iPhone from Visible, selected Visible+ plan, and keeping my old number. I got the iPhone and SIM card today but there are no diretions on what to do now! Help