Novice II

Omg , after weeks of not getting ported in , and over 50 hours of chat, I asked how case was coming , tech has been working on my problem, and the tech said it was former carriers fault they wouldn’t release and they were waiting for permission. My old company who gave me port number and acct , and as I know that’s all you need. When I said this , he discontinued chat. I got another rep who said tech was still working on my case and very helpful. The 1st one flat out lied. Any one else experience this? 



I got my psim on the 16th. Supposed to be a 24 hour wait. It’s now 12/20 and still waiting. Since 12/10 I’ve had runarounds on multiple chats. Is the visible office on Uranus? Their year would be 84 earth years. In that case I’d wait patiently. But if they are on actual Earth, ***** is wrong with these nitwits???


Some carriers need more than that nowadays. If the address doesn't match the old account, it might not be released, or if the old account needs your direct confirmation you want it released, it'll wait on that. It may or may not be the situation here, but it may be worth double-checking with your old carrier if anything else is needed to get the number released.