Ready to switch carries (from att)


Hi! My name is JoseLuis,  and I am new to your company.  
i initially saw an ad in tv then research a little a out you.
I’ve read about it and I’m sold and ready to initiate a contract with you.  

I currently 

have an iPhone 7 perfect conditions.  I’m with At&t but I own my phone.  I’ve been with At&t for many years.   What I would like to do is to trade in my iPhone 7 for one of the following two options:   Iphone12 pro max or iphone 14 pro max.  I will appreciate you reply.  Many thanks.  If is easier, I can be teach by phone at 412.477.7693. Also, I’d like if can keep my same number.   Many thanks!   Ps. Currently up to date on my payments with AT&T just not satisfied with their customer service. 


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First I will mention you should not post your phone number or personal information on these forums. These forums are peer to peer and rarely customer service visits here. They will never call you and unfortunately you can't call them either. The reason for the reasonable rates and truly unlimited talk, text and data is there are no brick and mortar store, no 800 numbers to man with personnel. If you need to contact customer service you can do so by chat but going to and click the little blue box in the bottom right corner. Twitter DM @visiblecare or Facebook messenger link to their FB page can be found in the bottom right hand corner of this page.

Yeah to echo this if you are looking for customer service, it's not here. Chat lines are long and you don't always get the resolution immediately. If you want a budget service with decent customer service I used Cricket before Visible. They have stores and the people were helpful. The customers that came in were rude and annoying. I only switched due to better reception at a family camp and hot spot capability. If I have issues I'm going back to Cricket. You could take your iphone with you since they are the ATT budget carrier.

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You're posting in the wrong area, this is a community forum and not chat support.