SIM swapping/different phones like GSM?

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I know that VZW that Visible uses is CDMA.

In the past, CDMA SIMs i know only work in the phone they are programed to and can not be just simply moved to a new phone without a new sim or re-programmed or contact with the provider required.(thus why u have to give them the phones IMEI number)

GSM sim cards, like those from, can be put into any GSM phone and it works.


Is the Visible SIM able to be put into any phone that supports CDMA/GSM with out any extra steps?




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Yes you can swap aims freely without contacting Visible. Just keep in mind, Visible DOES NOT work on the legacy Verizon network! The legacy network is the CDMA network so Visible only works with dual band and GSM devices 

So you are 100% sure that they use GSM SIM cards, and not CDMA SIM cards?

So you can confirm, 100%, that Visible Wireless uses GSM SIM cards and not CDMA?