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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5g


So maybe I made a mistake in asking a chat agent after I stumbled upon an area on "Visible's" site to check phone compatibility. I am currently with another Verizon MVNO - Spectrum Mobile, and happened upon this site via a google search for something else. Seems I could be saving $5 per month for the same service as I now pay $45 for Unlimited everything. Yet this leads to my confusion and possibly being mislead by chat. Upon inquiring as to why my device was not listed amongst supported -listed, I was promptly told no (Note) phones are supported and will not work on Visible and never have. But I see some commentary possibly saying otherwise in this forum. And when I just for kicks entered my IMEI from the Note 20 Ultra 5g, I was quickly given a congratulations page and ability to proceed with the sim order and initial month of service of $40. Really don't want to screw around and end up losing my number in a failed port or whatever could happen if I move forward with the free SIM offer. Yet, to stay on Verizon towers, as I am currently and save $5 a month would be nice. Can anyone elaborate? Thanks!



Hey there!

Visible currently is not compatible with any of the devices in the Samsung Galaxy Note Lineup, with the exception of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+. Some phones may pass our compatibility checker and can be activated on our network, but haven’t been formally tested or approved and we cannot guarantee service. Here is the link to our list of compatible devices


So my simple question would be since my IMEI qualified along with my Spectrum Mobile with Account info and I now have a "Visible Mobile" Sim card along with the Visible app as I was directed to during the signup process, am I out of luck to proceed and risking losing my phone number that I also submitted in the pre-port process? I know I read a thread in here about simply entering some information manually such as proper APN to get non-supported devices working on your service?

You're welcome to proceed at your own discretion, but we would not be able to provide any support or guarantee that the service work. If you do experience any issues while using the device, our team will advise you use a known compatible device before proceeding with troubleshooting.