Samsung Galaxy compatible?


I have a friend with my same phone, purchased from same retailer on the same day. Yet his Samsung Galaxy S21 five g is visible compatible (IMEI yes) and my S21 five g isn't (IMEI no). According to Visible website, Samsung S21 should be compatible. Only the S21 Ultra is not. Anyone having the same issue?


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FWIW, my S21 - 5G shows as incompatible now despite showing as compatible when I activated my new plan back in September.

It sure would be nice if Visible simply defined what specific features or software make a phone compatible. I've got a couple older phones that "aren't" but work with the SIM.

BobT, does your current S21 - 5G work ok with Visible? I wonder what would happen if I put a Visible sim card in my phone anyway?

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Yes it's working fine on the new base plan ($30) - I've even swapped it back and forth between my A42 on TMO with no problems trying to determine which is better config for me.

S21 works better on Visible for me.



My issue is I bought a Motorola G Power(2021) from Visible last year and even that shows not compatible. I think Visible has a blacklist for most android phones and want you to buy a new one from them. 


There is a way around getting a card even though what BobT said it will work in a non compatible phone but I have yet to read if someone actually activated a SIM card in a non compatible phone yet. Even though I am holding out on the old plan to save $5 a month and waiting for Visible to tell us to upgrade to a new plan I bought a like new used phone from eBay that was sold by Visible earlier this year so I would have a phone I can activate the new card on.


To get a SIM card you could use your friends IMEI number and just change a few of the last digits or Google IMEI number generator and generate some numbers and find one that will let you get a card. You could probably activate it in you friends phone if he will let you borrow it and move the card once it is activated.