Unable to cancel


The Visible business is broken.  I'm trying to cancel my service, and the only way to do this is to sign into my account.  In order to do this, it is forcing me to set up 2FA on the login.  Unfortunately, I no longer have this Visible device with me, therefore I'm unable to receive 2FA.


There does not appear to be any phone number listed.  On my credit card statement, there was a phone number listed that goes nowhere (it's just a recording telling customers to go screw themselves), and so the only way to actually cancel the account is to register the most recent payment as a fraudulent charge with the credit card company.


I do not feel this is a good way to operate a business.


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You can contact Visible customer service and have them temporarily disable your 2FA so you can get into your account. Go to visible.com and click on the little blue box in the bottom right corner and that will open a dialog box.

That little box prompts you to log in, so it doesn't work.


Edit: So it asks for username/email information, but it seems it doesn't actually make you log in, however it's an automated system.  I was able to request a human, so maybe this way will work.


Not exactly the "farewell" that makes me want to consider starting services again in the future.