Unusable Data Speeds


Please help!

Have had Visible for years now.  Everything has always worked as well as Visible works.  Then three days ago my data dropped to 0.06 mbps, so it's not unusable. 


I was told my phone was incompatible (was compatible when I signed up, but I guess that changed without anybody notifying me).


However, I don't see this as the issue because of two reasons:

1) When I put the SIM card into my buddy's latest and greatest iPhone the data speeds don't improve (actually they dropped to 0.04 mbps).  I then tried my neighbor's Samsung S22+ (another compatible device), and, once again like with the new iPhone, nothing changed.  Calls and texts work fine, data is unusable.


2) When I drive out of my city and into a neighboring city everything works like before (even with my supposedly incompatible phone).  Seems to me like this has something to do with my local cell site, but I'm no expert.


Explained all this to CS and was told it would be escalated and someone from level 2 would look into it and get back with me in within 24 hours. A few hours later I received a form letter response (via email) saying that my phone is incompatible and there is nothing that can be done.  Supposedly, the CS comments mentioned trying the iPhone and S22+ without success, but incompatible is still the response I received.  Unreal!


Any ideas?



Resolved: After four days and numerous complaints (most of which fell on deaf ears), today it started working again.  Something must have been going on with my local cell site (just as I suspected) because it's now faster than it has ever been before.