Visible Oneplus 8 OS update?


Just curious if there's any new info on when the OxygenOS 11 update will be coming to the Visible Oneplus 8? I've heard "sometime this month" but it'd be nice to know a bit more.


Still a bit obnoxious that the Oneplus 8 from visible is secretly a subtly different "flavor" of the IN2015, and it's JUST different enough to not be able to use any other roms. Trying not to feel bitter about that.


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Hi there! Thank you for your question! At the moment we're still utilizing the OxygenOS 10.0 for best performance. However, if you would like to check from time to time for this new update you can definitely do so by following this path: Settings > System > System updates.

When will the update be available? It's absurd that the other variants are already on OxygenOS 11 while the Visible model is crippled by being on the 09/2021 security patch. There is absolutely no excuse for this, and I am extremely displeased by the situation and lack of transparency from Visible regarding the issue.

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Have you tried the app oxygen updater found in the play store? It will update you to the current OnePlus software and they provide pretty good guides. 11 works fine on visible. Doesn't need to be rooted either. 

Oxygen updater doesn't help in this instance. The issue is that the software the Visible OP 8 is running is slightly different than the unlocked model direct from OnePlus and whoever is responsible for updating the Visible OP8 (whether that's Visible or OnePlus) hasn't made the Android 11 update available yet.

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That was the same for the T-Mobile model and there are guides so that Oxygen updater will work. Just need to get onto the OnePlus build first and then you should be good. 

I think you're missing the point. The process for converting the T-Mobile rom to the global rom does not work for the Visible model because the software is different. You can't even root or flash a rom on the Visible model because the software is different from the guides on XDA.


The Visible model is stuck with no upgrades until Visible gets their crap together.

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Also, I suggest always buying one plus devices from OnePlus directly. If you need financing, they provide the same affirm financing as carriers like Visible. OnePlus devices are greatly crippled out of the box unless buying from OnePlus

Which model # do you recommend getting to use with Visible that has 5g ?