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TCL 40 XE 5G on Visible

Hey there! Ever heard of the TCL 40 XE 5G? It's all about stunning visuals and blazing-fast 5G performance. Picture streaming, browsing, and gaming on its vibrant 6.56" HD+ display with a lightning-fast refresh rate. With the AI-powered triple rear c...

Laid off

Cool program but f you are paid off ur job they will help you cover your phone bill

New Plan Being Pushed

So, Visible is pushing us all really hard to switch to their new Upgraded Network. So, I'm wondering if anyone knows exactly what is different about the new network? Is the frequency different, or channels, or I don't know. They're pushing really har...

Android Watch support

Hey all, Im about done with Verizons overpriced service. I've been looking into Visible this week and it seems like a great option except for one thing. It looks like Samsung/Galaxy Watch support has been requested for yearrrssssss and still no updat...