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Contacting Visible

Is there a phone number I can call to actually speak with a member of the Visible Care Team live rather than having to do it via chat?

OnePlus 8 - Do Not Purchase Through Visible

DO NOT purchase this device from Visible!!! The version you receive from Visible does not receive OS updates. The Visible store page links you to the OnePlus8 page, but that isn't the phone you are buying. Avoid at all costs. EDIT- Title was changed ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Do we have to bring our own number?

Hi folks, What I'm hoping to do is buy a phone from Visible and join the service, but I don't have a phone number to bring. In a case like that, does Visible issue a number or how does it work? Thanks in advance. Mike

Resolved! Multiple Accounts On Same Card?

We are trying to move our family plan from another carrier to individual accounts with Visible. I was able to order one phone (out of 5 needed) but when I try to order the second one on the next account, the site won't accept my card. I tried chattin...

5C by Novice
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WiFi Calling Available on All Compatible Phones?

I'm considering switching to Visible using the Verizon network. Because the coverage is weak-to-none in my area, I must have WiFi calling. Does Visible provide WiFi Calling on all compatible phones?

LeoC4 by Novice
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Apple Watch

I am interested in joining Visible. I would dill eto bring over an iPhone. Does visible support the Apple Watch with cellular connectivity? I am actually most interested in using my watch all the time for communication etc. I will not use my phone mu...

iPhone experimentation

I use an iPhone 6S on Visible. Due to its age, the battery isn't doing so great. Because of this, I have a tendency to put the phone on low power usage mode. You do this by going into settings, Cellular, Cellular Data Options, toggle the Low Data Mod...

smgrinus by Novice III
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Blade X1 5G root

Blade X1 5G root...can it be rooted ...any info or links...tried kingo ...no go have paid apps to install..thanks in advance fyi SKU: Z6750VS SW-VER: Z6750Mv1.0.0B12

Resolved! No more DEALS?

There are no more new deals besides gift cards and amazon stick. Is something new deal coming soon? Please add some more phones to swap for free. ZTE Blade 3 is not compatible with other carrier besides Visible.

partypay by Intermediate
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Resolved! Need international roaming

I am waiting for Visible team to start domestic and international roaming services. This will help to grow the visible community.Does anyone know anything about this?

partypay by Intermediate
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Got my gift cards!

After replying to a thread earlier today about gift card timing, I received my two gift cards today. What timing! I have two additional family members that should be receiving the e-mail soon to start the gift card process. Very happy with Visible se...

Resolved! International Calls

When can we expect more countries being added to free international call list?

partypay by Intermediate
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Service Yesterday - Rural Tennessee

I was able to play golf yesterday morning at a very rural course in eastern Middle TN called Riverwatch. I was expecting little to no service. What I got was excellent LTE service and occasional 5G service. Thank you so much for the awesome coverage.

Hey Visible Community. How is your 5G experience?

Hey Visible Community. How is your 5G experience? Is it everything you dreamed of and more? Or have you found it underwhelming? Reply below with your thoughts, including Phone Model, Geographic Location and Speedtest results.

Call Forwarding?

Hi there, I was curious if call fowarding works with Visible? Since Visible doesn't support anything overseas, I was curious if I could forward my Visible number to an overseas number if I got a SIM card from another provider (as suggested in their h...

Matt by Novice
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Pixel Deal

Here's our story. Did all sorts of research related to the Google Pixel 4a, 4a (5G), and 5. Finally decided on the 4a (5G). A little back story:In October we decided to give our teen daughter a phone for her birthday and selected a pre-owned iPhone X...

OnePlus 8 model #

I'm looking to buy an unlocked OnePlus 8 on my own elsewhere...Can anybody verify the model # that works with Visible service ? I'm looking for one that will work with Visible and possibly t-mobile as well. I'm thinking it's the in2015 but not sure T...

Ability to turn off 5G to save battery?

Since 5G became active at the begining of the month the battery life of my Pixel 5 has taken a huge hit. This hit would be livable if the payout in speed and reliability were there as well, but since the technology hasn't quite made it to the level o...

Resolved! Caller ID

I would love to know if Visible is planning on implementing Caller ID?

Nxw by Novice II
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Google Pixel 3 XL

Is this phone compatible with Visible? Does anyone use this device currently? I'm finding some pretty compelling deals on Amazon on it.

smgrinus by Novice III
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