Visual Voicemail


Have an Android phone that is not branded to any carrier.  The VM app does not support VM.  Can anyone suggest one that works with Visible?



It does not support Visual Voicemail. thanks

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I just use the voicemail tab of the Android phone app. It downloads and plays the voicemail for you.

This tab you speak of... care to share a screen shot of it? 

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Two days ago I was on a support chat trying to figure out exactly this on my Note 10 +. No luck.


Try Google Voice. My work around is to use CCF (conditional call forwarding. EX: dial *715555555555. The 5's being my google voice number) and send unanswered calls to my google voice number. GV is set to do not disturb so the forwarded calls go straight to the GV VM. They get transcribed and boom I get my visual voicemail in the GV app on my phone + a voicemail notification + and email if I want. 

How did you activate the (conditional call forwarding) .. the option is blocked on my unlocked Note 10+ & when I chat with Visible customer service, they are not able to do it from their side

visible likely doesn't support CCF anymore. op used dnd feature to forward all calls to gv to the voicemail of gv number.