When is a payment actually considered late?

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Hello. First time poster here. I’m trying to find out from anyone when a payment is considered late. If there’s a due date of a specific date (of course, it’s always a specific date), but when is it that a payment to an account be considered late and the service suspended?



Case in point: I have been on autopay since the beginning. My husband set up my service on his bank card, but he signed me up with my email address. Well, his bank card expired and Visible wasn’t able to draw on it anymore. My service was shut off on the payment due date.

When I found out it was off, he signed in and saw that the payment wasn’t made and was wondering why I didn’t get a notification. Come to find, I did receive emails about it, but they were in my junk Mail folder. I don’t know why since their other emails showed up in my regular inbox. 

My husband quickly made an online payment and chatted in to get service restored. Customer Service has told him that the service should be restored asap. I’m now on my 3rd day of suspension, which leads to my original question. If my due date was on the 29th, and the emergency payment was paid on the 29th, should I still be in service suspension? 


The service gets suspended on the due date about midnight and onece you make a payment the service should restore the next few hours after you made the payment 

As it should be. It’s been 3 days now. Every time I log onto the app, I get a message that says my account is overdue and that I owe $0. How screwed up is that?

I was reading the “agreement” late last night and it actually says if an account is in arrears, they will suspend the account for 60 days. I believe that’s what I saw. 

If you don't reinstate your line (after suspension) for 60 days they deactivate your SIM and you lose your phone number 

It's a back end issue it has to be escalated to the higher department it takes 24 - 48 they should resolve it (if they do) you have to chat with a agent see if they can help you if not it has to escalated 

I’ve chatted with 6 different agents already. Every one of them has said they have escalated my case. It’s just noise at this point. 

At some point they are going to fix it but it cuold take a long time and you have to keep chatting with agents 

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What is the Due Date? I just want to check before I buy the 25 dollar Visible connection

The day you activate becomes your due date. If you order a pSIM the day it arrives and is activated you will be charged and it becomes you due date. eSIM is the same, the day it is activated is the day you are charged and starts you billing cycle.


Just an FYI, if you do pSIM for the basic plan it is now shipped by USPS I believe and could take up to a week to get it, depends on how fast the mail is. If you go with the Visible plus plan and pSIM it is next business day if ordered early enough and not a weekend.