Why is cell/sms service so terrible when Verizons is fine?


The service at my home is practically  non-existent and I am going to have to leave Visible unless something changes.  The phone shows lots of bars but I can't complete a call, most of the time.  Friends/family calling me can't get through.  Texts routinely show up 4 hours or more late.


Supposedly Visible uses Verizon towers, but, my wife has Verizon and she has great service.  We tested this a lot and Visible does NOT have the same service as a Verizon device does!  Why is this?


This seems to have really become an issue in the last 4 months or so.


So dissapointed in Visible.


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I would think the only difference you should see between your phone and your wife's phone is your data will be slower because of priority to Verizon customers. I would not think that would affect phone or texts. 


Earlier this year I did have a problem on android phone with the message app that my phone came with. I all of a sudden lost name ID and just numbers and was having a problem with group texts. I downloaded the Verizon or message+ app and that is working. 


I have only had a problem with calling and my signal in the house but that is because I live in a rural area and towers are far and few and only have one bar inside and barely two outside. I have only had an issue a couple times in the last year that it would cut out while talking but I never lost a call though. Recently I remedied the signal by buying a signal booster so now I am at 4 to 5 bars now.


Something else you might want to know is Verizon owns Visible. From what it looks like Verizon started Visible in 2018.


Edit: Are you on one of the new plans yet? I saw they might be an improvement on performance.


Is there any possibility your wife is using WiFi calling?