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Visible says my Oneplus 8 phone will not work on their system. I went to Verizon, and it says the phone will work on their system. If my phone will work on Verizon, shouldn’t it also work on Visible, since they are on the same network? I do not want to have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone when my current one works just fine.



Hi @clarinaj - If you use a physical SIM, and you have another phone's IMEI number that's newer and supported (partner/spouse/friend), you could theoretically input that information when upgrading, receive the new SIM, temporarily upgrade using their phone (you can try on your old phone but they might check IMEI during activation) then once activated, you can insert the SIM card into your old phone and it very well could work just fine.  I've seen others post positive results doing this solution and sometimes everything works fine.  Other times something like Visual Voicemail might not work, but that might not be a dealbreaker to you.  Now keep in mind if that doesn't work, you'll be without a phone until you buy a new one.  If you're looking for inexpensive and good, I'd recommend the Pixel 6a for $349 (as of this post), then you can use eSIM and ditch the SIM card.

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