do I have to buy a new phone to continue service


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Possibly. Does it pass the IMEI/compatibility checker? It is possible that if it shows not compatible it may still work but would depend on how old the phone is. If it doesn't pass the checker it is likely considered an unapproved phone and if you have issues with service they have told me I would not get help because of this. 

My phone is a Moto e 2020, and I have next to NO phone knowledge, how do I see if passes the compatible checker?

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It is not going to pass, I know without even having you check.


You need to open settings and go to about phone and scroll down to find the IMEI number, open the link above and click Android and type that number in the box and click enter. I am quite sure it will tell you "not compatible". My Motorola G Power 2021 I bought from Visible doesn't pass the checker but it did work on the new network.


I not to knowledgeable about smartphones but I do know I won't buy another Motorola because they you only get one operating system upgrade which is no big deal to me but they also only get 2 years of security update to the phone so your 2020 phone stopped getting those updates last year. These security updates may not be all that critical but they help against your phones vulnerability for hacking. My next phone will be a Pixel when I need one next.


got everything worked out! thank you for your help!