5 orders automatically cancelled

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5 times I placed an order for a SIM package (porting my number and keeping my iPhone), got confirmation, and then had the order automatically cancelled within 2-6 hours with no indication why. Customer service was not able to help. Couldn’t say why the orders were being canceled, but every time assured me not to worry, and they will make sure it goes through this time. Several times chat was ended abruptly or the CSR just stopped responding. Had to give up and go with another provider but would consider trying again if someone has a solution. 


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You might want to check your SPAM folder for a verification email requiring a response; other than that Visible's automated hands-off process experiences frequent issues.

Thanks but nothing in spam from Visible. I have email order confirmations for each of the orders.

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I suspect the issue is related to porting. Current provider is not in the list so I have to select “none/other”. Later in the process they ask for current account number, which I gave, but they never allow me to enter carrier name.

Bizarre that there is zero feedback available, even to CSR’s.

Yes, chat agents are simply outsourced script jockeys. Even when they do something on your behalf, it's often the very same thing you're doing yourself. They need to refer it to the technical team or support provider and followup. Good luck - Visible support can be frustrating at best. Once you get past the initial headaches, it can be a good experience provided you have no future problems.

I have no experience porting in but if it isn't on the carrier list then that might be where the issue lies. Not sure if this would make a difference but since you have an iPhone have you tried eSIM?


Here is a list of carriers with instructions on porting in. https://www.visible.com/help/carrier-list 


I had checked this list once before and don't recall the list being that long before. If your carrier isn't on this list then again, that could be the issue for porting. If you move to another carrier and decide in the future to try Visible then it might work.


I know some have had issues with the form of payment not being accepted. I even remember having that problem when I joined in July 2021 and took a couple tries and browser clearing to through the second or third time. Other on Visible's Reddit page have complained about this issue also.


Customer service can be a pain sometimes, they do try but as VisiblyPresent and i agree that I think they are scripted, they try but they lack training. I am not fond of chat for the same reason on getting disconnected so I switched to Facebook and DM them. They have other social media platforms also, X, Instagram and their support page on Reddit.

Interesting that my carrier (Spectrum Mobile) is on the list, and the list mentions one additional piece of information required for porting that Visible does not collect. In addition to a porting PIN, the list includes:

  • PIN: This can be found on the bill as “Security Code”

If this is the issue, it is surprising that Visible customer service doesn't have a clue.

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I tried customer service one more time and suggested that it might be that my carrier is not on the list. The rep said that it can’t have anything to do with porting but offered no other suggestion but try again. I asked what she thought was the problem and she responded that the system keeps cancelling my order. Lol I’m done. 

@Disappointed000 wrote: ... Lol I’m done. 

Sometimes that's the best course of action to prevent high blood pressure (or even worse).


Why not place an order, but not port in at the same time. I tested the Visible service for a month while still with my current carrier at the time (Verizon). If all works well,then port in your number.

if your iPhone supports eSIM, it’s even easier to move to Visible.

BTW, your iPhone needs to be unlocked for either to work.

You can find out if your iPhone is locked by going to Settings > General > About. If "No SIM restrictions" appears next to Carrier Lock, your iPhone is unlocked.”

I like the suggestion but I suspect porting later would be a problem also given the (lack of) customer service. Still, I might give it a try. Thanks.


Unfortunately, no eSIM for my old iPhone.