Activation of New Sim card that works with Apple Watch to replace Old Sim card not working


I was sent a new Sim card to activate so that my Apple Watch will have cellular connection.

So I am am just upgrading my Sim card. 

The issue is that all I get with the new Sim card is "This is going to take awhile"

Well it takes more than awhile, it just does not happen!!!

Does Visible expect this to take hours or days to Activate, I hope not.

I was forced to put the old Sim card back in for now.

Please advise me as what I can do, waiting hours or days for something to activate

is not an option for me, as I need my phone at all times for professional reasons.




Did you figure out your watch? I am having similar issue. I purchased I watch 7. And when I try to activate cellular it stays in the page “this will take us a second” and nothing happens… my case was escalated and I followed the instructions. I’ve been chatting non stop since Friday and still no help they just stop replying to me

Good luck I’ve been trying since 10/02


 I'm having the same problem. I have the series 7 with cellular. The watch app shows the Visible is "Not In Use"