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Used eSIM to create an account. Then had primary (old VZW) along the new (temporary) number that Visible gave me. Ported over successfully today. Now which Cellular Plan on iOS should I delete? The old VZW still listed as Primary with my real (now ported) number. Do I delete the old Primary or the Secondary (which was the temp Visiblr phone number). Now that I fully ported the real phone number, I don't know which you delete or if I can remove my old physical SIM card. Thx. 


I don't understand did you have a eSIM with Verizon or physical SIM? If you had eSIM with Verizon and your number was successfully ported to visible you can delete the Verizon eSIM and the visible eSIM  will automatically become primary. If don't wanna delete it you can simply set the visible eSIM as the primary line, you can also switch off the Verizon eSIM 


You had Visible temporary phone number (I understood as Visible trial number for 15 days). Then you ported  your primary number from Verizon to Visible (even though both are owned by Verizon)


My suggestion is based on these two assumptions above.


If you want to retain your number assigned by Visible during trial period you should pay after 15 days. If you dont pay for the service before the start of the service (pre-paid duh) your service is automatically cancelled.

So if you dont pay for the secondary after 15 days it will be automatically cancelled after 16th day. 


I assume that you ported before the 15 day period from Verizon, so your primary number becomes a Visible number. If you dont pay for that number then you will lose service.


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