Apple Watch SE2 Cellular - Something went wrong

Like so many others here, I purchased an unlocked cellular Apple Watch SE series 2 directly from Apple two weeks ago. The watch paired flawlessly to my phone, but I can't get cellular to activate. I walk through the steps, sign in to my visible account, get the notice that it will be $5 per month and click add/activate and get "something went wrong". 


I spent hours with customers no-service the weekend before last and again last weekend. Both times it was the same spiel, update watch, update phone, delete reinstall visible app, unpair watch/repair watch to phone, send them photos of the error screen (as if it says anything of use) rinse repeat. Both times tey promised to escalate my case but I have not heard anything. 


Today is my last day to return/exchange the apple watch before it is mine to keep. I am 99.999% sure it's a visible issue based on other threads here. I am tempted to exchange the watch just to see, but that might further confuse visible.  


Has anyone found the magic words to say to Visible chat to get the watch activated?