Attempting to sign up and port a number from T-Mobile, I select T-Mobile but refers to "Verizon"


I am entering my information to port my number from T-Mobile. I selected "T-mobile" specifically, but the confirmation screen at "Let's take one last look" indicates "Verizon Account", is that an issue?

When I try to proceed it indicates further:


We’ll take it from here
Once you complete your order, we’ll send all the info you’ve given us over to Verizon


Again referring to Verizon even though I picked T-Mobile. Any thoughts on if I can safely ignore that and be confident it is working? Or that it'll dead end with Visible trying to port from Verizon despite me picking and providing the account number, Pin, zip code from T-Mobile?

I can't seem to get through to their chat with this question.


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I am not sure about port in procedure since I got a new number and starting new when I joined


. But as far as chat goes once in chat you need to ask or select a live agent then wait. Wait times can be as much as an hour or more since they are limited on agents in customer service and the amount of people they are helping. Using this chat route I would use a laptop instead because the app has been know to time out during the waiting time. If it help you can send messages to customer service via Twitter or Facebook messenger. Both can be located in the bottom righthand corner of this page and I suggest FB messenger as I have had better luck going that route. Links for the latter two can be found in the bottom righthand corner of this page.