Visible Website Down?


I am in the process of signing up for Visible's plan yet I find the website to be down (again)...Is this common for Visible? Do they not have enough resources to support their website?


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When you say it is down what is the website doing? I was in my account yesterday on the website on my laptop and was able to get in. Earlier in the week I was checking on something on my account and got a 402 error on the page, I tried clearing the cached photos and files but that didn't work. The next step I did was clear cookies and that worked, I hate doing this step because it clear all my other websites that I have auto sign in on and have to but at least now I have those set up for saved passwords now. By clearing cookies it clears the older page versions that it might be trying to load to save time.


Another thing I found was that once I sign in my name and password on the website and the icons where you get the different face gestures that Visible put in place of the spinning circle for signing in, I have had it go into a loop and never sign in, if it does this for more than say 45 seconds I just hit reload and it signs me in right away. 


If it is a 502 error than yes that could be something wrong with the Visible server.

Thanks, skibik. Yes, I normally go through the developer tools/storage to clear everything for a 402 error. However, this is a 502 error, which does not appear to be resolved after 12+ hours. I am questioning how frequently this occurs for Visible?

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I guess I have only seen it once, twice at most, since becoming a member in 2021. At the time I made my last post I signed in to my account and checked and had no problem signing. I also just signed in to my account on the website and I signed in just fine with no issues. So not sure what the problem could be.