Autopay fails, for three months in a row (so far)


When I signed up three months ago I set Autopay to use the virtual debit card I got for my trade-in phone. I set my usual debit card as a backup. However, this has now failed three months in a row. I get the somewhat-threatening text and email about my service being shut off in 28 hours. It never even rolls over to my secondary payment method, which is also entered correctly.


Months ago I spent hours on chat help. Some suggestions were simple but didn't work. One suggestion was so long and complicated that I ignored it. Only the last suggestion worked: turn off Autopay, pay manually, turn Autopay back on, and hope it works the following month. Sadly, it does not. 


For now, I am leaving it off and seeing what next month's text and email notifications will say.


Any suggestions/solutions? 


When you pay manually what are you using for payment? I'm thinking the issue might be the virtual debit card, I am not sure if Visible accepts those. You mention debit card as second form of payment, I am surprised that isn't accepted but maybe the virtual card is causing the mess up.


I have been with Visible for 2 1/2 years and never had an issue with autopay, I was using a regular Visa card up until the beginning of the year and then decided to switch to PayPal. My suggestions would be to delete the virtual card and see if it pays automatically next month or try a standard credit card or even PayPal if you have an account. 


PS, PayPal is free to use when paying, they only charge service fess when selling something and and using them to transfer the cash.


Visible (through their partner who accepts trade-in phones) gave me the virtual debit card, and it works here when I use it to pay manually. It's only using it for Autopay that fails.

Virtual debit cards are a bit of a pain. I got one once before. E.g. you can't use it for most of a payment: if you have one for $100, you can't buy something for $105 and make up the difference in another way. So using it here is perfect for me, because of the flat $25/month payments.

That is odd that you can use it to pay manually but not on autopay. I thought I had read on Reddit that some were having issues using these virtual cards or ecards. The system must flag it when autopay is on but it should still pick up the secondary form of payment. I wouldn't think the debit card would be an issue.


I have used something like these on Amazon before and at least you can use another form of payment to make up the difference when you go over.


Also, you can payment within 7 days of you due date. With autopay turned off they should send a text/email early enough.