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I'm trying to purchase a plan and swap my device but when filling out the information the system doesn't recognize my address so I can't go any further what can I do



Try your friend's or your family's address. May be you live in a non service area? (Meaning parent network Verizon don't have native coverage)

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Is your address a P.O. Box? I am not sure but I don't think phones can be ordered through a P.O. Box number since FedEx I think needs a signature. The other scenario is if the billing address is different than the shipping address. I am just spit balling here. If you would like a better answer you might want to try customer service. Chats are a long wait, like hour or more, I recommend sending a Facebook messenger and send them a message explaining this. To find FB scroll to the bottom of this page, bottom right, click the icon with the f in the box. Good luck!