Bought phone from Visible and still locked after 2 months


This is an on going issue ....still unsolved for over two months! I bought an iphone pro 13 from Visible's website back in October 2022. I was using an iphone XS. I was unable to transfer the esim. Everytime I chat with an agent, possibly over 100 different reps and they were unable to resolve it. They "escalate" to higher teams but it does not work.


It is now 2023, two months later. The iphone is still locked when I try to transfer it to it. They keep going in circles and circles and making me repeat the same issue. Now they are trying to get me to switch to their basic 30/mo plan when I used to the have the party pass discount for a 40/mo plan. They claim that it is more advanced? But I feel that they are just trying to push the new plan.


When I bought the phone they did not change/update new plans so it has nothing to do it. They refuse to exchange the phone when I first bought it. They asked me to send the phone back to them but won't honor the same price. I bought the phone when they had a sale on it for around $900 and they won't honor the price and was making me pay the full price of $1300. So I said no, I will keep my iphone and you guys work on unlocking it.


I have never experienced such terrible service from any plan. Now I am still with a phone that doesn't have service.


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Phone needs to be activated on the service for 2 months. If it was never activated it will not be unlocked. 


I am still on the old plan also. I sent a message via FB messenger earlier in the week if they had any idea when we had to switch and they didn't have a deadline yet. Back in October or November I read that the plan was ending in January whether that is true or not. It appears your only option might be to switch to a new plan.