Bypassing compatibility check


I used visible in the beginning of the year. My service was terminated after leaving the country for a few months. Now I'm back and the site is saying my phone, the same phone, is not compatible. How can I bypass the compatibility check a start service again?


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You can bypass it by entering a valid IMEI number, you can do this by downloading an IMEI number generator from the play store, select a Samsung or Google pixel(I can't remember which brand will generate a valid number but it does work as I tried it) and generate numbers. This will get you a card but I don't know if you can activate it or not in your phone.


I am on the old plan yet and I have the same issue from a phone I bought from Visible last year. I ended up buying a phone off of eBay that was sold to the person by Visible this year and it is compatible. So I am set when I actually have to switch to one of the new plans.


If you want to read about my issue and the answers I got from Visible click this link.


One of the replies a person was able to activate a card from the new plan on a compatible phone and he put the card in his other phone that showed not compatible and the phone worked. But I can't tell you if you will be able to activate in your phone. The other thing is Visible is making changes to their system and at this point they can't even tell me the incompatibility issues will be fixed. According to the replies I got they are working on adding as many phones as possible from the old list if that means anything. I don't think they are working that hard to add them if you ask me. My opinion is they have blacklisted all IMEI numbers on phones that have not been sold by them this year and want you to buy a new from from them. They could even tell me if I bought a phone directly from Motorola if it would even work.

I bought a brand new phone from Motorola, the EXACT same model that Visible sells, and it's not "compatible" according to Visible, so I can't get out of the party plan and get their upgrade unless I buy the exact same phone from Visible.  What a racket.


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I bought the cheapest $50 phone from Visible (as a new customer) and that new phone would not boot up at all, with or without the SIM card installed. Visible promptly authorized a return, though would not send a replacement and instead insisted that I had to purchase the replacement myself, which I was unable to do since my account had not been activated! I could have just started over from the beginning and gotten another (free) SIM card. I had already installed the Visible app on another (reportedly "incompatible") phone, which was able to activate the account. Everything is fine now and I never got around to ordering that cheap phone I didn't want anyway (I might have made a dashcam of it). 

I don't know if that would work with an existing account, however... Otherwise, you'd have done it....?

Or buy their cheap phone? It might "break" soon after you receive it....?


<rant>{if their support folks are reading this and take action against me, it proves they have enough time to support customer who need support and have enough time to go after their customers who make things work without hassling their tech support - the kind of customer this type of service needs!}</rant>

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I wouldn't think it would matter if a person was an existing customer in the card working in a noncompatible phone. I guess I fixed my issue by buying a lightly used phone that is compatible. The only thing that would concern me about the incompatible phones is if they are making changes to their system besides the changes to the new plans will it still be compatible.


I certainly would not worry about any actions being taken. No one from Visible even visits this forum. They waste enough time posting garbage on Twitter.