What does it take to get customer service?! I have tried for four days to reach someone, none of your methods you provide have worked! I have Facebook messaged you, tried to chat on your website (several times), reach out on Twitter to just only have a snarky marketing admin glibly tell me to reach out to customer service (what do you think marketing is?! You’re customer facing! HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS). And now I am making a final attempt on this forum before I begin filing complaints with the FCC and BBB (I’ve seen other people already starting to make these complaints).


I just purchased the new iPhone last week. I paid for overnight shipping, already paid for the device.  You’ve charged me. I haven’t yet received the phone and you never sent me a tracking ID and now are unreachable.  PLEASE RESOLVE THIS! I also have a contact with the nyt business division and will not hesitate to tip her off to write a piece if this issue isn’t resolved for myself, and the growing number of your customers this is affecting based on you forums and other forums I have seen online!  24 hours.



I was just on chat watching the blue bar slowly move across the window for 2 hours.  Then all of sudden it just closed and I lost my place...WHAT. This is ridiculous.  Guess they are losing my business.  Sigh!  Please do report them.