Can't Receive Incoming Calls!

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Like many others apparently, we are unable to receive incoming calls. Ported in today and it has been nothing but a hassle. I can make calls, text, and use data, but can't receive calls. So frustrating. 


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Details for iPhone.

Install the new version of the Visible app. As of today it is version 4.2.0.

Reboot phone
Delete previous esim from Settings:Cellular:Visible

In app step through Switch Now

enter IMEI for your phone (on iPhone the IMEI can be found in Settings:General:About)

Continue with esim install

reboot phone

wait a few minutes before trying to call into the phone

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Yeah I tore my hair out for a moment on the code being sent to text, but then found it also went to email. Righteous indignation over!

Thank you sooo much IMF! I have followed your step by step instruction, Finally I can get incoming calls now.  I had this issue since 10/3. I had online chat with Visible service for 2 times and each time took me over 2 hours and did not solve the problem. I really appreciate your posting!  

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@AY glad to help. Did you do this with the physical SIM on your iPhone 13. Some here are asking about physical SIMs and might benefit from the specifics you went through for that.

For example, compared with what I did I'm not sure what the physical equivalent of deleting the esim is. 

I have tried this as well, and this does not works, even after reinstalling the e-sim same issue. cannot receive incoming calls.

This solution did not work for me, yes after e-sim, reboot , waiting...., still the same problem

What about physical SIM? I have iPhone XS Max.

I transferred my physical SIM card to eSIM on Visible App, than followed your instruction steps. It's working so far.

Just to be clear, are you able to keep your same number going through the process? I'm new to esims and the thought of deleting mine makes me nervous.


Edit: I went ahead and see that everything was ok. Thank you!

Glad you took the plunge! In my experience the phone number that the Visible app shows as yours is the one that is used by the esim. I had ported my number across already from another provider as a separate step. Once the number was shown in the app multiple attempts at installing the esim all worked with that number. 

Didn’t work for me. Still can’t received calls or makes calls. And my data is not working. Only thing that works is text messaging 

didnt work for me, it worked for a while the went back to not working. My iPhone is up to date and so is the app. So can’t receive calls, can’t make calls, and I have no data. The only thing that is working is text messaging

I tried your solution this morning, same thing.  Can call out but cannot receive phone calls. Goes right to VM but the message never gets to my phone.  Any other ideas??  I tried chatting with Visible 3 times.  Each time I'd wait for about 30 minutes, watching the progress bar and BAM, it would disconnect me.  If I can't this going, will be switching back to VZ.

DIdn't work for me on iPhone 14.

Following the "Switch Now" flow in Visible app, causes Visible to send a text message to the number. With the eSIM gone, there is no place to receive that OTP text message.


How are you guys going forward from there?

@sjcscale A couple of us hit this problem, then found that the message also got sent to email. It would be the email address registered in your Visible account.

Should I use my other IMEI or the one that is currently being used by the Visible eSIM?

Should I use my other IMEI or the one that is currently being used by the Visible eSIM?

You would delete the current entry for the Visible eSIM in Settings:Cellular then reuse the IMEI when you go through the Visible app to get the new eSIM.  You could use the other IMEI, but the important thing, as I understand it, is to delete the current entry and start over with the latest version of the Visible app.

Okay, just checking.  One of the other posts said something about using the other esim/imei number instead when going through the process.  So, also, when doing this it does not affect your subscription with them?

I had the same issues, just switched from ATT. As I waited in line for the chat, I was able to solve the issue. In Settings -> Cellular, it showed I had a primary and secondary cellular plan, both showing the same number (I transferred my number). When I opened each one, I noticed the primary plan was still associated with my ATT account and the secondary plan was the new associated plan with Visible. I had to turn off the primary one associated with ATT to get it to use the secondary plan associated with Visible. That has now allowed me to make calls. Hope this helps others.

As I waited in line for the chat customer service, I was able to fix the issue. Settings --> Cellular shows I have two cellular plans. The first one, when I opened it, was still associated with ATT (where I brought this phone over from). The secondary cellular plan was associated with Visible. I had to turn off the primary plan in order for it to not block the phone using the secondary plan. Now I can receive calls, make calls, and texts. Hopefully this helps others.


This “fix” and the app update doesn’t seem to work on my iPhone 8 using a physical SIM card (esim is not an option). Anyone had any luck with a phone using an physical SIM card?

@Cneighbors - others on here seem to be getting through this with a physical SIM and using the new version of the app. The posts are short on step by step specifics, but it sounds like the app will walk you through it. The app can tell what kind of SIM you have and can prompt you appropriately. It sounds like you just follow on with the instructions in the app. 

I’m not sure what you mean. My service is activated. The only thing that doesn’t work is incoming calls. The only option I see in the app is switch to an esim. When I click that I get a message saying my phone is not compatible, which I already new. I’m not seeing any other “steps” to follow. 

See @BigSky replies below to @abhitwhr. Did you get the latest version of the Visible app?

Yes I have the latest version of the app. I think those that are having luck and have a physical sim installed must also have the esim option. For those of us that have physical sim ONLY this doesn’t work. Thanks for trying to help. 

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I’m in the same boat. Cannot receive calls but everything else works. Chat is ridiculous and I’m not wasting anymore time waiting/ getting kicked out of the app. I’m curious if you delete the esim and go that route if it will effect a connected wearable. I’m nervous to try it because it took them almost a month to add my Apple Watch Ultra. They need to get it together, as a Verizon company it’s not a good look. 

I can confirm this worked. I hope it stays that way. Has anyone had issues seeing their voice mails? It just says “Call Voicemail”. I really do not want to wait in the chat for hours to get it working.  Thanks in advance!

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I have a physical sim and an Android.  If I log into the Visible app is there a way to transfer from a physical sim to an esim?

Yes, that's exactly what I did on my wife's iPhone this morning. It was a big button on the home screen of the Visible app.

WOW! Worked like a charm! So for anyone wondering - this fix isn't iphone specific it works on Android too.  If you have a physical SIM simply follow the instructions on the Visible App and as well as IMF's steps and you should be good to go! Many thanks all! 

Keep in mind that not all phones support eSIM.  Most of the newer Android and iPhones do, but many of the older ones only have an option for a physical SIM.

Correct.  However, when going about the eSim process, it evaluates whether or not your phone is compatible.


I have 14 pro and 11 pro, my 14 pro has the same issue where I can’t receive incoming calls but my 11 pro works flawlessly! I’m starting to think it maybe the newer iPhones are the ones having this problem.

The fix with the new version of the Visible app worked on a 14 Pro for me.

Yes it worked for me too! And thank you! That reply was before I read your solution, my 14 pro is flawless now!


I have same problem, inserted physical sim yesterday. No incoming, everything else work. What a nightmare. Not even Wifi calls. Ported number from Verizon. Removed sim multiple times but no resolution. 

follow IMF's instructions above to transfer to eSIM (make sure to update the Visible app first) - this fixed the problem for many of us

My 2nd line already have an esim. This is not an option for me. 


It’s confirmed! You can switch to your other eSim and transfer your service and everything should work! Texts, calls and voicemail and data! Having issues for a week now and finally all is working! Make sure to download newest visible app for iPhone users!


Finally got service restored for my iPhone 8 with a physical SIM.  Rebooted the phone several times today. The last time I removed the SIM card then put it back in and restarted one more time and this time it worked. I am assuming Visible finally fixed something on their end. Just glad to have service restored. Thanks for all the tips and information here today!