Can't activate my service


Trying to activate my Visible service.  Directions direct me to settings>cellar>add carrier. There is no "add carrier" on this screen. Tried to set up with QR code.  Error message " the code is no longer valid."


Can I talk with someone?


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You certainly can. There are 3 way to do this, through chat, Twitter or Facebook messenger. I would recommend FB messenger. There is no call in customer service which is why the plans are so cheap. FYI, this is a peer to peer forum and Visible does not monitor these posts.

Thx.  I have joined the peer to peer group and the official Visible group which is pending.  Have also posted on FB Messenger.  Yours is the only response that I received thus far.


Try twitter DM, that worked for me. Was overnight response but problem is still awaiting a fix. In the same boat with  activation failures and activation greyed out.

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What official Visible group?