Chat help is inadequate

Novice III

Surely there must be someone there who can help me switch to a slightly different plan?  A telephone number? Nah. Chat??? Request???




Intermediate II

As you’ve discovered, there is no phone support and chat is the only way to “talk” to anyone with Visible.  

Novice III

Visible the telco for the dystopian future!  (Think I'll go watch "Brazil" again.)


At the bottom of the Visible app, there are three tabs: "Home," "Shop," and "Account."  Under "Account," there is "Plan."  Right there, there should be an option for you to change to a different plan.


With regard to contacting Visible Care, I tried FB Messenger and got a reply 24 hours later.

Operative word SHOULD.  I’ve never had a plan option under account or shop.  Under account all I have is the normal overview, nothing I can change except payment method; under shop—all I see are phones.  For the brief time I had an option it was on the first screen after signing in and all I got trying it (multiple times) was the message saying they were unable to process my order & to contact customer care for resolution.