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I bought iphone14 from Visible with esim. My current phone is iphone8 with physical sim. I can’t activate my new phone. Followed steps but don’t recognize activation code sent me. So new phone is never activated. It means is it unlocked phone? May I transfer to different carrier? I paid 50% of my loan. Website said phone will unlocked 60 days after activation! But can’t activate. Please let me use my new phone. Visible can’t activate it. May I transfer it now to different carrier?


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Phones that Visible sells are locked and need to be active for 60 days to get unlocked. You will not be able to use the phone elsewhere until you activate it. 


Problems activating, there have been other posts about the iPhone 14 and click the link and check out the solution that is in that thread, it may work for you. If not you will need to contact customer service via chat, Facebook messenger or Twitter.

yes it working now. For all have same problem! App chat doesn’t help so left message on messenger. Visible assistant answered/waited I don’t know how long bcs my phone did not work all day/ . When come home I got wifi and saw messenger answer. Then assistant fixed the problem. What I noticed; deleted esim and reactivated, used imei2, reset phone , put on airplane mode 30sec. send and receive message was email instead my phone number that is why couldn’t send sms. So once I got it phone working as before. All headache gone! Thanks