Data Request - SLOW over 11 days ago


I requested data from Visible over ELEVEN days ago - and still 'In Progress".   If I cancel, I may violate the 2 requests per year.  I can't even cancel.  What gives?  Why so long to scrape very available data?  Can someone from Visible Support please call me at 303.898.8445?   PLEASE!   I have filed a claim with my insurance company to pay for a phone I lost, and the Insurance Company REQUIRES this 'historical data' to process and pay my claim.  PLEASE call!   THANK YOU!


This is a peer to peer forum, you won't find customer service here. I have read it could take 30 to 45 days to get this information. You will need to contact customer and ask what the hold up is. You can contact them vis chat or one of their social media platforms, Facebook, X or Twitter, Instagram or on their Visible care support page on Reddit.