Device Upgrade-- 51% paid off but says I am not eligible


I have been trying to get an answer from support for a handful of days now, so reaching out to see if the forum has any answers. 


I have paid off 51% of my Affirm loan and yet my account is showing me as not eligible to upgrade my device. I was told by support they would "manually enable my upgrade" (did not happen), I was told that I need to be over 50% on my loan (done, yet still not eligible), and they said they would get back to me within 24 hours (did not happen). 


I am paying my phone off through Affirm and had to use my insurance to replace my phone after it dropped in water. They did not have the Google Pixel 6 (like I had initially), so they sent me a Google Pixel 6 Pro. I asked 10000000000000 times if this would impact my ability to use the upgrade, and every single person said no. 


I keep getting the run around from support and feel ripped off for sure.