Error When Trying To Use A Payment Option - Please help.

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Any help would be appreciated. I have been trying to help my fiance switch over to Visible. Everything is fine until he tries to pay. It continuously gives an error for alternative payment. He doesn't have PayPal or Venmo and wants to use his card which he should be able to. I understand he needs to check with the card company to make sure Visible is allowed to charge. But I even tried to use mine which I use on Visible with no problem. Same issue.

I've chatted with 2 reps. One refreshed the page and told me to clear cookies. I did that. Same error. 

Second rep: Cleared out the account and said I have to wait for 24 hrs before he can try again.


Can anyone offer any extra help, please? 

Thank you!



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Update: So after 3 reps today, and going through numerous steps, the last rep told me he got an email that said they were having problems with the payment part of the website. (You would think all the reps would have known that right off the bat.) Anyway, he escalated a ticket for me. I'm supposed to hear from them within 24 to 48 hrs. I'll keep this thread updated in case anyone else has issues.

2nd Update: I’ve spoken to numerous people via twitter, FB and the Visible site. There’s been many promises to help and escalate the issue. Nothing at all has been resolved. I’ve tried absolutely everything they’ve asked. He has decided to not switch to Visible due to not receiving satisfactory help and I’m extremely disappointed in Visible's customer service or lack thereof. I have referred several people but at this point, I will be ceasing my efforts. 
All for the simple fact, Visible has no way of simply accepting a payment besides through their website.
Extremely disheartening. 

Agree they are losing business and money.  


My experience has been nearly identical, except one of the service reps said that my card was being declined because the name was different than the one on the account.  (Why do they care who gives them money?)  I have wondered if it's because they're overloaded with people purchasing for Chistmas, but none of the three reps I've spoken to has suggested it.  And the best part?  When I tried, they froze the money for the new phone for several days.  So I got no phone, but they got interest on the money they borrowed from me.

Same experience. My wife and I will be switching. 


Same here 4 hours later 



8/8/22 I tried over a week ago to switch one of my Verizon lines to Visible, impossible for same reason. I waited a week, got a new transfer PIN and attempted to port over again, SAME PROBLEM! How can this company even exist??? I have liked (for most part) Verizon over the years but their pricing has gotten out of hand so want to switch but Visible apparently does not want new customers.

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Get PayPal and you can link your card to it !! It works