Family migration from Verizon recommendations


We are a family of four with four phones, and two of us (myself and my wife) have ordered Google Pixel 8 Pros which we will receive tomorrow.  We know that the new phones have eSims but none of our old phones do.  We understand that at least for the other two phones (for our sons) we will need to order the sims, but we were originally going to go the eSim route with our new phones and then just transfer across afterwards.  However it occurred to me that we're getting a rate at Verizon now for all four of us, and the Sims for the other two will take a day to get to us for the other two phones, so we're thinking maybe the better route is to go through the process with all four of our phones on-line so as to get the sim cards for our current phones, convert them all at the same time, then move my wife and my phones to the new pixel 8's?  I am fairly IT competent as a retired programmer, so I'm pretty sure I can handle the move without knowing for sure what I'll be up against, but any pointers or guides would be greatly appreciated.