Visible to Verizon Migration Mess

Earlier this month I tried to move from Visible to Verizon. My migration of 999.123.4567 (obviously not my real number) was processed by Verizon, but Verizon could not activate the number as Visible never released it from their inventory. I was advised by Verizon Tier II support that I would have to port to ATT or T-Mobile if I wanted my number back, as neither Verizon nor their MVNOs would be able to activate the line because Visible never released it from their inventory.


I am currently using an ATT MVNO...ported my number 999.123.4567 from Verizon (NOT Visible) without any issues. However, if I try to come back to Verizon, Visible still has my number in their inventory. If I do the number portability checker both Visible and Verizon indicate I am a current customer, which is obviously not the case as my number is active and working fine with "AT&T."


How do I get Visible to clear this number from their inventory so I can go back to Verizon?


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I'm not sure how the port out process works but if you requested a port out PIN by email Visible should release it to any carrier and not sure why it couldn't be ported to Verizon instead of going to another carrier first.


You mentioned contacting Verizon customer service but have you contacted Visible service to see why the number isn't released? I thought I have read that if you stop payment to Visible or miss a payment they hold the number and I think the account for 60 days. It doesn't make sense that if you ported the number to AT&T and the number works then it had to have been released by Visible. But again I am not knowledgeable about porting out. Your best bet is to contact Visible customer service and find out what is going on.