Has anybody placed an order for Pixel 6a recently?


I have been trying to place an order, but getting an error every time I try to checkout. Tried getting help on all possible platforms, but absolutely no response. Feeling like giving up.


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Did you try chat? It will take up to an hour or more. There is a blue status bar and once it fills it will count down from 50 in line. Twitter was useless for me and last time on FB it took about 45 minutes to get a response with few minutes for each subsequent response.


You didn't mention the error. There have been a number of people where credit cards error out no matter which one was tried. I kind of remember having the same problems last year and think I resolved my issue by emptying the cart and starting over but memory isn't the greatest.

Hey all I just bought a Pixel 6A from Visible. Their website says it has mmave...... Buyer beware! the one I received flat out says it does not! I paid extra to buy from Visible for the compatablity and the mmwave technology and did not get what they advertised!!!!!
If you bought a 6A directly from Visible check and see if you got the mmWave.....