How does visibles plus plan work?


I recently upgraded to the Visible plus plan and so far I've seen very little gain from it except off peak.


I had assumed the priority data would be similar to Verizon's priority data but recently during vacation I had solid 5g and 4g connections and rarely hit 5mbps while averaging around 1mbps through the majority of the stay.. it was so bad it took Google maps 5minutes to load directions at one point and I've never had that issue at home during peak hours on the regular unlimited plan.


Am I wrong to think they put you at the back of the line to most customers which pretty well defeats the purpose of having an allotted amount of priority data?

It was an area that offered Verizon internet to add.


Just curious what other people's experience has been visible plus vs regular unlimited.


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I have not used the plus plan. Check to make sure you haven't used up the 50GB of premium data, if you have that would be one reason of the slow speeds. The other thing that affects slow data speeds is some areas will have heavier Verizon traffic and if the towers are heavily congested even the premium plan won't help than. The only thing that could possibly help in those areas is if it was an area of 5G UW and you have a phone that can get it. This information is just what I have been reading about.