Porting within Visible




I have been having lots of trouble with my phone recently. Had to get my iPhone repaired but I was unaware that a new motherboard will give me a new IMEI. So I tried to activate the new IMEI to my visible, but visible sends a code to my email. I am unable to get into my email since it sends a code to my phone (which I donโ€™t have access to). So now I created a new visible account and I really hope they can port my old # to me so that I can get into my email and all of my other accounts. 

I am currently waiting 24/48 hours advised by visible. Any hope or luck that I should get my old # back? ๐Ÿ˜ž


Intermediate II

Unfortunately weโ€™re just fellow customers, so I doubt anyone here will know the answer to your question. It sounds like youโ€™ve already had contact with Visible, so youโ€™re probably going to have to wait for them.  If you need to get back in tough with customer care, you may have better lick going through Facebook messenger or Twitter. Visible has social media teams who can sometimes help.  Good luck!