I got my gift card 2 years after I was supposed to, but I think it's still for the wrong amount.


Signed up for Visible in Aug 2021, with the promotion of receiving an e-gift card after buying a new phone and paying for 3 months of service. Lo and behold, 3 months came and went and I never got my gift card. I contacted customer service and they swore that I never selected the promotion. Went through my emails to try and prove it, but the order confirmation didn't even have a section where promos would be (clever of them). They made sure there wasn't a written record. Told myself I would come back to this, then got busy with life.


Today, I went to upgrade my network after them harassing me and interrupting my calls the last 3 months, and saw a section in the app titled "Your promotional offers" with a $150 gift card offer right there. I figured that must be the old offer, so I went to redeem it, and the website said I should have received an email with a redemption code. I never received a redemption code.


Had to contact customer service and type "real human" 3 times before I got in contact with someone. They sent me the redemption code that I should have received 2 years ago. I haven't redeemed it yet.


The thing is, I believe the promotion I selected offered "up to $250 for select devices", and the device I purchased (iPhone 12 mini) was included in that $250 list. Since Visible made sure to not give me a written record of the offer, I don't know how to confirm this was indeed the promotion at the time, August 2021. Does anyone know how I could check?


I wouldn't be this concerned, but it's pretty suspicious that first they tried to lie to me and deny the gift card, then they never sent the code that I should have received after 3 months until I contacted them 2 years later. They're obviously trying to avoid paying for the gift cards, and I think there's a chance they're trying to shortchange me.


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The Visible system has glitches just like the rest of the technology in this world.

By the way, how much did you have to pay for your $150 FREE gift card? Life is short.